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Google Reviews Matter!

Through the recent changes of how Google now appears in most Google searches the customer reviews are in the forefront! Shopping habits of Americans have changed to include pre reviewing of products before buying. Having 5 star reviews from your customers ONLINE is crucial!! Let me ask you a question. Would you buy a product or service that has bad ratings and reviews? Obviously not! No one wants to actually have that exact same negative experience when they buy a product or service. So we always look at reviews as the indicator of how we might experience that product or service.

Data Collection

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying; “The Money is in The List”?

Well, there is a reason why successful business owners and advisors have been preaching that for decades… It’s true and it works! Read more

Mobile Marketing

Frequent communication with your customers is the life-line to your business! There is nothing in today’s current marketing and communication mediums that compare to text message marketing… No one leaves home without their; wallet, keys and mobile phone!
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Mobile Payment Reminders

Rent to Own customers have a 7‐ 9% increase in the probability of paying on time and the average days late drop by 2 days a month when said customer receives text reminders and mobile “pay now” options. Read more