Below you can demo our system using the desktop portal. This portal is one on many ways you can use to generate positive Google reviews every month!

The reality is, no matter what industry you are in, there is a large percentage of customers that read reviews when deciding who to do business with. In the Rent To Own industry, now is the perfect time to capture those customers!! You can dominate every city you are in with positive reviews! Just Google your city and state and “furniture rental” or “rent to own furniture” and you will see that most companies have either NO REVIEWS or NEGATIVE REVIEWS. The exception will be our Customers! Again, right now it’s easy to increase sales with just adding positive Google reviews but that won’t always be the case. Eventually all RTO companies will wake up to this HUGE oversight and will start generating reviews too. BUT…right now YOU can have those customers with virtually no competition for those “review reading” customers!