Mobile Marketing

Frequent communication with your customers is the life-line to your business! There is nothing in today’s current marketing and communication mediums that compare to text message marketing… No one leaves home without their; wallet, keys and mobile phone!

Modern consumers are on the move, and successful business owners must go mobile to reach them with relevant offers. It’s never been faster or easier to stay connected, or to connect with your current customers. With over 258 million wireless users in the U.S alone, there is no other marketing real estate as powerful or valuable as consumer’s mobile phones through text message marketing.

But….the problem is how to EASILY and EFFECTIVELY get your customers to “opt-in” legally to your mobile marketing program. Getting people to text a KEY WORD to a SHORT CODE is near impossible! Have you ever done it? Probably not. We have the solution!

Now, with the Consumer Rush multi-media tablet, a Business Owner can get virtually EVERY CUSTOMER TO LEGALLY OPT-IN TO THEIR MOBILE MARKETING PROGRAM!

More than a universal presence, it’s how consumers interact with their mobile phones that makes this platform so appealing to business owners. Just consider these mobile marketing benefits:

It’s FAST – The average time it takes your text message to reach your audience is just 7 seconds. With 90% of SMS text messages being read within 3 minutes of being delivered, you can market to your audience at lightning speed with SMS.

It’s FLEXIBLE – Either send a handful of messages to a targeted group or send thousands of SMS to your entire list. Create a promotional message or a quick industry update; SMS truly moulds itself to whatever the needs are of your business.

It’s EFFECTIVE – With SMS, you can expect more responses and sales with each message. In fact, 50% of people surveyed made a purchase from retailers after receiving a text message. Additionally, 33% of US mobile customers prefer offers via text message vs. the mobile web (apps, websites, etc.) Better still, mobile coupons receive 10 times higher redemption rates that print coupons and mobile ads perform 4-5 times better than online ads.

It’s much EASIER – Due to the 160 character limits, your SMS messages don’t need hours of crafting. As long as you remain clear and concise – and you provide your audience with a targeted deal, you can expect a positive response in return.

It’s low COMPETITION – Despite the fact that 91% of adults have their mobile within arm’s reach, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, most businesses are slow to adopt this relatively primitive technology for their marketing. This is good news for you, as there is less competition, on an extremely powerful platform.