Data Collection

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying; “The Money is in The List”?

Well, there is a reason why successful business owners and advisors have been preaching that for decades… It’s true and it works!

In a perfect world, as a Business owner, you would stand at the front door of your business and greet every person that came in. Not only would you greet them but you’d also ask them for their email address, phone number, and other important information so you could in-turn use that information to communicate offers, special events, coupons, and product or service updates with each of your customers on a regular basis. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t possible for most business owners.

It is crucial to have the ability to communicate to your current customer base directly when you need to in this business environment to maximize advertising results as well as know which advertising campaigns are working and which are not.

At RTO Engage we have exhaustively researched long and hard to create a simple and easy solution that solves all these challenges and is the perfect customer list building tool! It’s customer friendly, fast, easy, and non obtrusive. In fact, customers will happily give their contact information in exchange for loyalty rewards.


  1. It is crucial for all business owners to know their customers and keep in constant with them. The RTO Engage data collection system makes that easy.The Customer Tablet Kiosk does all the work. Then, RTO Engage takes over and helps design my mobile marketing messages and discounts.

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